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Wow! we are thrilled to let you know that our first Indie Go Go campaign has successfully reached its target and raised the money we need to press The Cambodian Space Project’s music onto 12″ in vinyl.

Big thanks to each of you for your contribution to the success of this campaign. Many of you will be receiving our very special vinyl pressing (already at the pressing plant with mailing goes out in the first week of August) while those without turntables have opted for our cd albums, limited edition art prints, t-shirts and even, in the case of Paul Mills who weighed in at the last minute and opted for our Ready Set A Go-Go perk – a fully delivered Cambodian Space Project show – sure to be an extra special event.

Importantly, to us as independent musicians working in and out of Cambodia, your support means we can press the music we’ve put so much time and passion into, in a format – vinyl – that was once the format of so many of the Cambodian musicians who were killed by the Khmer Rouge in its attempt to target and extinguish culture itself. CSPs work pays hommage to the musicians of Cambodia’s Golden Era and our work also gives us the opportunity to add something new to Cambodia’s flourishing cultural revival and in this case – it’s a vinyl revival!!


We hope this latest release adds something special to the Cambodian music scene and influences others to do the same. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the collection of CSP recordings pressed with the aim of showing 2 distinctly different sides to the CSP. The lp titled “Radio Cambodia” features Side A) a compile of our best psych Cambo rock tracks Side B) a sublimely spacious 22 mins of acoustic recordings featuring our Khmer diva Srey Channthy’s songs and voice at its best.
Thanks again for your support in making this happen!

If you’d still like to order your CSP vinyl or other special perks please order now as the campaign closes in 8 hours