It’s been a while between drinks, 5 years in fact since we first launched “Srey’s School of Rock” here in Kampot, Cambodia. It’s very exciting to be activating round #2 and here at Fish Island Community Arts Centre, we can’t wait to see what happens in our 2022 edition of Srey’s School of Rock.

Srey’s School of Rock Cambodia first launched at KAMA in 2017

Srey’s School of Rock 2022 is happing again! Round #2 will take place at Fish Island Community Arts Centre and Yellow Sub Studios, in Kampot, Cambodia April 30-May 8. This is a super exciting music program created for women and girls and provides a week-long live-in workshop (or weekends only option) for a dozen participants – learning at creating together at Fish Island Community Arts Centre.

Over a period 8 days project participants will get to use our quality instruments, and work with mentors for instruction on playing, creating their own costumes and fashion designs, recording audio and producing photography and videos for their own original song ideas. FICAC provides support through delicious daily meals, accommodation, international volunteers sharing skills and experience.

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Srey’s School of Rock started as an intensive 10-day music boot camp for women first held at KAMA in 2017. It’s a unique music workshop that brings together Cambodian women and international musicians and mentors, for ten days of instrument lessons, songwriting workshops, band practice and studio sessions concluding with a live performance for the public. The “Srey’s School of Rock” project is created to nurture and promote local talent and provide a safe and supportive environment for women interested in music to learn skills, develop confidence and improve self-esteem.

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Surf’s Up in Cambodia!

So, here I am on board at the Yellow Sub Studios at our Fish Island Community Arts Centre. It’s a busy time with lots of great things just getting rolling including our Other Voices recording project that I’ve written about in a previous post. Lots of new visitors and old friends turning up here to check it all out at FICAC. And best of all, Cambodia has now fully re-opened for tourism! yes, that’s right, no COVID tests and Visas on arrival. This is all hugely important for the survival of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and individuals who depend on the tourism industry. The shutdown during COVID has really been hard on many and it’s no different here at FICAC where we also depend on tourism and skilled volunteers who join us and help make things happen. It’s great news and deserves a celebration. I’m here in the studio having my own little party, listening to a playlist of surf guitar sounds (*check out the link below) starting out with one of the best surf bands ever – yes, it’s The Atlantics from my home country Australia – C’mon

Surf legends from Down Under – The Atlantics

Introducing Thee Fish Island Pharaohs

Irrepressible fun! some time ago, I always thought I’d like to do a kind of instrumental Cambodian Space Project album or something that is less about lyrics and more about twangin’ surf instrumentals with the mandatory yelp and holler and any kinda crazy wild monkey/animal sound FX mixed in. Perhaps this is when and when the idea of doing a surf band got me thinking…or perhaps just a riffing record aimed at kids… well whatever but it’s only now that I’m getting really into the idea of exploring ‘Cambodian Surf’. Hell yeah, there really was a Cambodian surf guitar sound and scene so why not bring a bit of it back, especially while I’m back here on Fish Island. So, keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned in to some new sounds emerging here in our little music arts community on Trey Koh – if it sounds wild, wet, and fuzzy! then you’re probably hearing a Fish Island Pharaohs jam session.

Trey Koh Surf Club presents Thee Fish Island Pharaohs

Get in touch with us at Fish Island Community Arts Centre

With all the new music projects coming up here, there’s something for everyone to get involved in. We’re reaching out for creative individuals to volunteer and/or create projects for FICAC and I’m also looking for musicians and filmmakers who would like to visit the studio and perhaps get on board with new band projects including Srey’s School of Rock and The Fish Island Pharaohs. We’ve got a couple of busy months ahead and it’s looking like the wet season’s arrived early but true to CSP form, there are a few hot sweaty gigs on the horizon over April/May so please keep those antennas tuned!

I’m also back on the radio with my Asian Garage Underground podcast series, new show is a two-hour special coming up on Bangkok Community Radio April 10.